Chilli Focus

Chilli Focus is a premium quality, liquid concentrated fertiliser, specially formulated for chillies and peppers grown in pots, growbags or the open ground.

When properly fed, chillies and peppers can produce a bumper crop with juicy fruits.

Chilli Focus is a balanced nutrition that should be used regularly from the start. For young plants or seedlings mix 5ml per litre of clean water once a week or more frequent if plants look pale. The vegetative stage of growth varies from plant to plant depending on species, cultivar and cultural techniques. The dose of 5ml per litre of water should be maintained until the first sign of blossom. After the onset of flowering increase dose to 10ml per litre of water and supply to plants weekly.

Storage: Keep out of reach of children, in a cool area with a minimum temperature of 6°C.

Available in 100ml, 300ml, and 1L.

Reviews from Amazon:

    I have been trying to grow chillies of my own for a while now with not much success. Once I had received this I used straight away and in the next few days the chilli plant started to flower and was shocked, I kept watering every day with the Chilli Focus and it just took off and by a few weeks there was chillies everywhere. I was so impressed. Great value for money. No cons. All positives. Great product. I recommend it to everyone.

    Mr L Cunningham

    I have been using this now for a while on different species of chillies I have been getting a lot of chillies on all of the plants it definitely works. I will buy some more when this lot is finished. I have also been using it on my thyme and a lemon tree it is producing great results.

    J M Orwell

    If you grow Chillies this is a MUST. I've been using this product for years now, I always seem to get good foliage and a good crop from my plants.

    A Johnson

    Highly recommended! My chilli plants were looking pretty pathetic prior to using Chilli Focus. I bought it purely on the recommendations and haven't been disappointed. Within two weeks of using the product, the chillies were almost double the size with an abundance of flowers. Looking forward to a great harvest.

    Simon Raden

    Chillies have been really slow in growing this year so thought I would try some of this Chilli Focus. I will definitely be ordering some more as it really seems to work

    R C

    Well worth buying. First time growing chillies, only one had sprouted and it looked a bit sad. Used some of this in a misting bottle and not only did my little chilli plant perk up but four more of my seeds sprouted. Makes all the difference

    Miss Tricoteuse

    Immediate results compared to just water. All the plants have now gone mad, producing more fruit than we can cope with. Leaves are lush and green and the chillies are fat and juicy. Great product!

    Amazon customer

    Second year of growing chillies, a real bumper crop

    Alex G

    Great feed, good value. I now have fab hot bhut jolokias growing. This feed will help especially if growing indoors like me.


    I've used this all summer as directed and my seedlings went NUTS I have eight plants (Nargars and Scotch Bonnets). They are huge 6 ft plus and full of chillies very hot and crisp. I would highly recommend this magic liquid. My son planted the same seeds the same time as me and got nothing. Only small plants and one count it one little chilli. He should have gone to Chilli Focus


    Nice product and easy to use. I am finding that I am getting an extended growing season (double flowing periods) when using the product every week irrespective of the state of the plant. I personally continue to feed even when no flowers are present and now in my second bloom period within 6 months. The plants are grown in doors on a windowsill at work. It could just be due to all of the hot air/ office gossip. I am mainly growing ghost chillies traditionally I believe quite difficult to grow in the UK. Second round of flowing in Jan (seed germinated in June previous year)

    D Barton

    My chillies wouldn't stop growing, in the end I had to freeze some and give away others. An excellent product


    A great product! I only used this a few times so far on my chilli plants but there is a noticeable difference in my plants now, the leaves look greener and healthier... maybe I am imagining it but I'm going to put it down to this stuff :).


    I found this a great boost for my chillies and I have around 12 around the house and they all love it

    C Dummet

    This chilli food is brilliant. The year before last I didn't feed my plants at all and the harvest was not great. Last year I used this and had large healthy plants with a lot of lovely chillies. I have so many chillies I am still using last years in frozen form. If you want good chillies buy this.

    Andrew D

    I have used his product with Apache F1, Cayenne, and Jalapeno pepper varieties, and have been impressed with the results. Healthy plants, with large quantities of big fruit, aided somewhat by growing on large south facing windowsill. Would recommend. I have also used as a substitute feed for Gardener's Delight tomato plant, with good results (mineral content of this vs tomato feed is pretty similar, though this is slightly lower in nitrogen).

    C Herbert

    This stuff is fantastic. You can definitely tell the difference between chillies that have been raised on this when compared with those plants which have been given normal plant food


    Amazing! This stuff really adds something. I have grown Red Savina plants from seeds this year and for the first time I used Chilli Focus as the fertiliser. It has made an enormous difference to the health of the plants and its fruit. They are chilli trees now, with hundreds of flowers. And the chillies themselves are being produced thick and fast and plump. I have no conclusive proof that it's the fertiliser that has made the difference, but last year I used baby bio and got weedy chillies and the vegetation was covered in aphids. This year there are no aphids (they prefer weak plants, apparently) and everything is growing almost out of control on my windowsill. I shall certainly use it again next year.

    Mr A

    I used this product for the first time this year after being very bad at growing chilli plants & not having a very good crop at all. This stuff is amazing - I haven't looked back since using it .I have loads of huge chillies which all taste amazing too ! I would say that if you're thinking of growing chillies then this product is an absolute MUST !!

    Nick P

    Extremely recommended to all Chilli fanatics like myself. My early seedlings were doing ok before the Focus arrived, but after I fed them for the first time with Chilli Focus, I noticed a hell of a growth difference within just a couple of days. The seedlings are ready to re-pot now - well ahead of my normal schedule. Chilli Focus is definitely doing what it 'says on the tin'. I'm very confident, that as the year progresses, my crop of various chillies will be an absolute cracker thanks to this new food


    This works! Certainly my plants seem to be giving lots of chillies. I do recommend this product

    A. L. Sanchez

    I heard this was used by professional growers and it does what it says on the tin. Good for tomatoes too

    Mrs Flynn

    Would definitely recommend using this for any chilli plants that are pot-bound, as it gives added nutrients that will be missing from the soil after the plant has taken what it can. My dreary chillies perked right up in just a few days, and they have had an abundance of flowers over the summer, resulting in some lovely chillies. Have bought more to give away as gifts.

    Mrs D stuff is amazing! After just 2 feeds (10ml per litre) my plants did a very good impression of the beanstalk from Jack and the Beanstalk! Literally overnight they seemed to grow not only up but out too. My Cayenne plant at the last count has 35 chillies on it!
    I have 2 smaller Scotch Bonnett plants which now are big, green and very healthy.
    For any chilli lovers out there I cannot recommend this product enough. Also, at just over £7 for a litre, this stuff will last you ages as you only use 10ml per litre just once a week

    M Pearse

    Having used this feed in the past I was delighted to be able to buy a 1 litre bottle via Amazon. Its great food for chillies and does the trick to produce lots of fruit with plenty of heat!

    Sophie C

    As an avid chilli grower for the last few years I have used this each and every year, 2013 made me buy the 5 Litre tub as I had over 100 chilli plants in the greenhouse! It has the perfect blend of NPK values to feed your crop. If you're into growing chillies then this is far better than using tomato feed or other in my view.

    M Price

    This product bought my small chilli plant back to life. It now looks extremely happy and is producing chillies which I never thought would happen! Highly recommend the product


    I have to say that the difference is absolutely amazing. I have huge, healthy plants with loads of flowers and the fruit which is on the way looks to be much bigger in size than previous years. Given that nothing else has changed, the difference must be down to the Chilli Focus....I'm delighted and I'm sure you will be too!

    S Holloway

    Chilli Focus has made a huge difference to my young chilli seedlings. They have really shot upwards in the space of a month and have left their unfed counterparts in the dust!