Clear Orchid Pots and Saucers

Robust, transparent pots ideal for Phalaenopsis orchids. They promote root photosynthesis and healthy growing.

Clear plastic pots are ideal for epiphytic orchids such as Phalaenopsis (the most popular species) which benefit from light getting to their root systems. These pots promote healthy roots by allowing filtered light into the root ball, simulating natural growing conditions. This is evident when wet orchid roots have a green appearance – a sign of chlorophyll presence for photosynthesis. Transparent pots also help new orchid enthusiasts to see when to water.

GT clear pot drainage oblique (9-15 cm)
GT clear pot drainage (9-15 cm)

Clear pots available in 9cm, 12cm, 13cm, 15cm, 17cm, 19cm and 21cm. Saucers available in small (for 9cm-15cm pots) and large (17cm-19cm pots).

Reviews from Amazon:

    I had to re-pot mini Orchid and this looked the best Orchid pot. This really is a great product with good price. This pot is made of clear plastic so light can go through to the roots and the bottom of the pot has good size of holes with a dome in the centre, great for Orchids.


    The orchids have bloomed so they must like them. We got these to allow re-potting of the plants in fresh bark. So yes, good.

    R Jefferson

    Very pleased with this pot and it is a good size step up from the pot the orchid came in whilst still sitting comfortably on the windowsill.


    This clear orchid pots are great for repotting your orchid that has outgrown the smaller pot it came with from the shop. Having recently started an orchid collection, I discovered the importance of clear pots, for orchids to have light on their roots. This pot is of good quality, and is able to hold your larger established orchid, without tipping over.

    Linda J

    Great value for what you get. It comes with proper holes in the bottom, suitable for growing orchids. I'd recommend these pots to everyone.

    N Yazgin

    My orchid likes it's new pot and has quickly grown a new shoot...RESULT. You can't get this size usually in garden centres so was I was pleased to find it.


    I like the pots, big enough to fit my big size orchids into them, I am happy with the buy.


    This transparent pot is great for being able to keep watch on the root growth of plants, big enough to take two orchids.


    I had to repot my orchid and this pot has now seen the growth of new leaves and possible new nodes.

    S. Robinson