This orchid with its stunning flowers is found in South East Asia at medium altitudes, usually in mountains and foothills. They require cooler growing temperatures.

General Care

Light and temperature

Fairly strong light is good for these plants. If they are grown in a conservatory or greenhouse then 50%-60% shading is needed during the summer months to prevent leaf damage. To keep humidity high around the plants, place in a saucer of gravel or grit and keep moist. Spay plants to keep humidity up and avoid too much water in the pot. Cool household conditions with temperatures above 11°C but no higher than 20°C are perfect. Plants can be put outside in a shady spot during frost-free months. A change of 5°C between day and night temperatures is desirable.

Watering and feeding

Water as necessary and feed with Orchid Grow once a week during the growing season and with Orchid Bloom when in flower or when a spike is growing. Use rainwater if possible, bring to room temperature for best results. Misting with Orchid Myst is also beneficial.


Cymbidiums flower once a year. To get them to re-flower they need to have good new shoots growing at the start of the year. A cooler spell outside during the summer and in to the autumn will initiate new flower spikes. In the wild, the cooler autumn evenings and nights start the flowering cycle.

New plants

Cymbidiums produce pseudobulbs as the new growths mature. When the plants get large, they can be split to make several smaller plants.


Re-pot every two years in to a slightly larger pot. Use a good quality orchid bark such as Orchid Re-potting Mix. Never use a peat-based re-potting mix.

Pests and diseases

Cymbidiums can suffer from attacks of red spider mite especially during long hot spells. Regular spraying with rainwater and creating higher humidity usually reduces these attacks. Other insects that like Cymbidiums are scale and greenfly, and occasionally mealy bug. Use Provado Insect Killer aerosol spray to control these or a natural insecticide such as SB Plant Invigorator.