Herb Focus

A highly concentrated, liquid fertiliser for culinary and medicinal herbs grown in pots, containers or soil, indoors and outdoors.

Herb Focus is suitable for potted culinary herbs grown indoors such as parsley, basil, coriander, thyme and dill, as well as herbs grown outdoors such as rosemary, bay etc. Potted herbs will benefit from regular feeding and will respond with abundant growth. Herb Focus is formulated for the needs of leafy herbs and is based on over two decades of experience with commercial production of herbs. The targeted formulation will encourage the growth of healthy green foliage and support long term soil fertility.

It is manufactured from pure mineral salts and enriched with complex organic plant acids, such as humic and fulvic acid, to increase the fertility of the compost.

For potted herbs grown indoors, simply add 5ml of Herb Focus in every litre of clean water, weekly. For herbs grown outdoors use regularly at the same dosage from March until October to assist healthy growth. From November until February when growth is slow, reduce the rate of feeding to once a month.

Storage: Keep out of reach of children in a cool area with minimum temperature of 6°C

Available in 100ml and 300ml.