Host an Orchid Event

Orchid Clinics, Weekends and Festivals

Growth Technology can help you organise a successful orchid-themed event

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Why have an Orchid Event?

  • Themed days and events attract many customers into the Garden Centre
  • They provide people with an informative day out
  • More people through the door, more products sold and more restaurant traffic
  • They increase customer loyalty and product knowledge

For a small contribution to costs and subject  to a minimum order, you get:

  • An Orchid expert from 10:00 to 16:00 to provide customers with all they need to know about orchids. The day normally includes two talks on general care for orchids and repotting.
  • 10x A4 posters and 250 flyers where required
  • PA system if needed

See a Sample Poster here

Suggested timetable (times can be modified):

11:00 and 14:00
€˜Tropical Orchids are Easy€™ talk. A 45 min talk about orchid care, reflowering and repotting. All orchid genera in the Garden Centre will be covered. Stocking a wide range of varieties is advisable. The expert will promote what is there on your bench on the day. Alternatively, you can have a culture talk at 11:00 and a re-potting demo at 14:00.

10:00 to 16:00 between talks:
Orchid Clinic. Customers are invited to bring in orchid plants for a check over€“ an €œOrchid MOT€. Our expert can repot customer€™s plants (up to say 15 cm pots) provided they purchase from the Garden Centre the necessary pot, and Repotting Mix etc.

Offer only available to customers. The promotion and organisation of the day remains the responsibility of the Garden Centre.

Our Team of Experts:
Chris Channon
Retired professional orchid
grower; RHS Gold medallist
Ian Parsons
Vice Chairman of The British
Orchid Council and
President of the South West
Orchid Society.
Peter White
Professional orchid grower;
Chairman of the British Orchid
Growers Association;
RHS Gold Medallist
Sara Rittershausen
Professional orchid grower;
author; RHS Gold Medallist
and RHS Orchid Judge
Philip Seaton
Author of Growing Windowsill
Orchids published by Kew
Gardens, and others.