Houseplant Myst

Houseplant Myst is a new product and it offers complete care for houseplants. Nutrient solution, Growth enhancer, Pest repellent and Leaf conditioner

Houseplant Myst is a new way to feed houseplants. A nutrient solution containing all the elements needed by plants – both mineral and organic – in the right proportion and at the kind of strength encountered in nature. It is formulated to suit most common indoor houseplants such as Anthuriums, Calantheas, Dracaenas, Ficus, Palms, Poinsettias as well as, Cacti, Succulents and Bromeliads. Houseplant Myst contains mineral nutrients, organic nutrients, marine plant extracts, humic acid, fulvic acid and pure plant oils.

How to use Houseplant Myst:

Use 8–10 squirts to mist the leaves, any exposed roots and down through the substrate.
Repeat once or twice a week.
Simply spray the leaves or substrate
Do not mist any flowers.
Watering: Houseplant Myst is not a substitute for watering. Water as necessary.

Houseplant Myst is available in 100ml, 300 ml and 750ml