HydroBurst is a non-ionic horticultural surfactant (wetting agent) formulated to enhance the lateral movement of liquids in peat, soil and other growing media.

It gives better watering with less wasted water. HydroBurst lowers the surface tension of a liquid thus helping the water to spread through a larger volume.

Adding HydroBurst to water, with or without fertiliser:

  • Gives excellent initial wetting of soil, peat and other substrates.
  • Helps maximise uptake of water, with increased penetration and lateral movement.
  • Encourages improved rooting.
  • Maximizes nutrient input as roots produce more ‘hairs’.
  • Reduces risk of drought stress.
  • Uses less water.

Available in 300 ml and 1 L.

The problem in detail:

Within a water droplet, cohesion holds the water together. This causes the well-known effect of surface tension which works against the water spreading and moving freely. Additionally organic materials in the soil bond strongly and make the soil difficult to wet. This often happens with peat in containers or growbags. When small dry areas occur in the soil they can rapidly become resistant to wetting and remain dry even when the container is re-watered. Water applied from above whether by drippers or hand watering will always seek the easiest route downwards. It will follow well-travelled pathways and will not travel sideways into the dry soil areas very easily. This dramatically reduces the volume of soil and nutrients that are available to the roots, so plants become smaller and do not produce as many flowers or fruit as when properly watered and fed.

The solution

HydroBurst is a wetting agent for horticultural use. It lowers the surface tension of a liquid which helps it to spread across a larger surface area. Put simply, HydroBurst helps water to penetrate the soil and spread freely, making it easy for plants to grow.

Laboratory results:

The Research & Development Department of AmegA Sciences, a world-renowned company specialising in environmentally friendly products for the more efficient use of water, conducted extensive research into the effects of HydroBurst. Results were conclusive – adding HydroBurst to water or a fertiliser solution makes the rewetting of growing media easy and thorough.