These are found in South America at medium altitudes in the Andes rainforests, so need cool to intermediate temperatures all year round. The flowers on these wonderful plants will usually last six to eight weeks if the conditions are cool.

General Care

Light and temperature

Cool household conditions with a minimum temperature of 12°C but not higher than 26°C. Do not put plants in direct sunlight.

Watering and feeding

To keep humidity high around plants, place them in a saucer of gravel or grit and keep moist. Spay plants to keep humidity up and avoid too much water in the pot. Don’t get water in the leaf joints. Odontoglossums (Odonts) come from the Cloud Forests, so need high humidity if possible. Feed with Orchid Grow once a week when growing and with Orchid Bloom when in flower or when a spike is growing. Use rainwater if possible, bring it to room temperature for best results.


After the flowers have finished the old stem can be cut back to the leaf axil. It will not re-flower from it. Odontoglossums flower from the base of the new pseudobulbs, so it is important to get these growing well after a previous flowering. It usually takes about nine months from the start of a new growth to flowering. Odonts can flower at any time of year. When your plants are in the vegetative stage (have finished flowering and showing a new shoot) place them in a cool room until they form a new spike.

New plants

New plants are usually obtained by splitting mature plants when there are several new growths showing.


Odonts have a growth cycle in which a new shoot appears from the base of the last ‘bulb’ and then ‘fattens’ to form the new ‘bulb’, when it will normally produce a flower spike or stem. Potting is best done when the new shoot is approximately 4-5cm long, which is when new roots are being formed. The roots of Odonts are thin so it is crucial not to overpot. Re-pot every other year or when there is not enough space in the pot for the new growth to develop.

Re-pot every other year in to a slightly larger pot using a bark-based re-potting medium/compost. Never use a peat-based re-potting mix. For more advice and illustrations on re-potting, please click here.

Care Products:

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