Why not come along to a free Orchid Day or Orchid Weekend at garden centres and nurseries all over the UK.

Growth Technology has teamed up with orchid experts across the country to give
owners of the exotic plants complimentary advice on caring for them.


The event runs throughout the day and includes two short talks on ‘how to re-pot an orchid’ and ‘general orchid care in the average home’.
People are also invited to take along their orchids to get any problems they may be experiencing diagnosed by an expert, like an ‘Orchid MOT’.

The advice is easy to understand, free from jargon and is supported by complimentary leaflets for people to take home.


Growth Technology’s experts include:

  • Ian Parsons, Vice Chairman of The British Orchid Council and President of the South West Orchid Society.The British Orchid Council is an organisation that brings together amateur and commercial orchid growers and the scientific community. It strives to promote and broaden the knowledge of orchids and encourage excellence in the field.
  • Chris Channon, an award-winning orchid grower and Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) gold medalist for orchid displays.Chris ran Deva Orchids, a successful orchid nursery near Chester, for more than 21 years before he retired from growing and showing orchids in December, 2008.
  • Peter White, President of the British Orchid Growers Association.Peter owns ‘Orchids by Peter White’, which stocks a wide range of orchid plants in different genera from seedlings to plants in flower, including Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, Cymbidiums, Oncidium type, Paphiopedilums and many unusual species and hybrids.

Growth Technology’s top three orchid care tips are:

  1. WATER: don’t over water. More orchids are killed by over-watering than anything else.
  2. FEED: orchids benefit from a correctly balanced and quality feed, however it’s important to water between feeds.
  3. SHADE: keep the orchids out of direct sunlight. Partial shading and filtered light are the best conditions.

Ian Parsons

Ian Parsons demonstrates how to re-pot an orchid