Orchid Myst Repotting Kit

Orchids, when grown in bark-based media, need to be repotted every 12-18 months. This kit offers you all you need to repot and revitalise an orchid.

Orchids, when grown in a bark based medium, should be repotted every 12-18 months. If they are grown in sphagnum moss, due to the relatively quick decomposition of moss they should be repotted every six months. If you want to repot an orchid – to encourage growth and flowering – this kit is an easy and convenient option as it contains everything needed in an attractive package. The illustrated instructions make it easy to use.

The Orchid Repotting Kit contains:

  • 13cm clear orchid pot
  • Orchid Focus Repotting Mix
  • 100ml bottle of Orchid Myst
  • Step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions.