Orchid Ultra

Orchid Ultra is richly endowed with pure humic and fulvic acids, to encourage healthy flowering. The Orchid Focus feeding programme is recommended by The Eric Young Foundation, the leading UK authority on orchid hybridisation.

Orchid Ultra contains a full profile of micronutrients and active plant extracts to help the plant reach peak performance. It is richly endowed with pure humic and fulvic acids to encourage healthy growth and heavy flowering.

Use Orchid Ultra throughout the growth of your orchid.
Ideally use clean rainwater or tap water – just add Orchid Focus at the recommended dose of 5ml in 2 litres and mix it well.
The provision of the correct formulation at the onset of flowering will ensure that the plant has access to the minerals needed to maximise and prolong the flower display.

Orchid Ultra is available in 100ml and 300ml.