Tomato Focus

Tomato Focus is a unique product containing high levels of crucial mineral elements that are vital for peak tomato performance.

A high quality fertiliser for tomatoes with all 14 essential nutrients that plants need

The Tomato Focus formulation is highly specific to tomatoes as they require high levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium in order to reach their full potential. This fertiliser will prove invaluable where the substrate volume is limited, such as in growbags and it will support vigorous plant growth and exceptional results.

  • With added organic nutrients.
  • Enriched with seaweed.
  • With humic and fulvic acids for healthy plants and soil.

Available in 1 litre and 2 litres

Tomato Focus is also available in a formulation for Hard Water, see Tomato Focus Hard Water.

Reviews from Amazon:

    Despite a late start to the growing season I enjoyed a reasonably heavy crop of tomatoes, including cherry, plum, baby plum, beef and standard size. I have grown several of the varieties before, but the flavour seemed to be better/more intense than I remember. As all other growing conditions were the same as in previous years I conclude that the Tomato Focus contributed to the enhanced flavour of the fruit. I also used it for sweet peppers and enjoyed a good crop, again despite a very late start. I will definitely use Tomato Focus Rain/Soft Water from now on for all my greenhouse crops


    I used Tomato Focus and this year has been tremendous. Part of that was definitely down to Tomato Focus Rain/Soft Water. From my small greenhouse in the west of Scotland I have picked over 33lb of tomatoes. It was very easy to use and economical. I am very pleased with the results - I think it is a wonderful product


    Very good results toms are ripening very quickly. A good all round feed; you can tell. Tomato Focus Rain/Soft Water is thicker than any other feed. I have already recommended it to other gardeners


    I have to tell you that my wife hated the Tomato Focus Rain/Soft Water, she is sick of the sight of tomatoes and cucumbers! We have had a vast abundance of beefsteak, cherry sized and normal sized tomatoes (Alicante). The food was also used on the ridge cucumbers which are still cropping in October as are the tomatoes. General impressions are that the food was superior to the normal branded food, I would certainly look for it on the shelves next year


    I used Tomato Focus Rain/Soft Water 2L that I won from Kitchen Garden Magazine. This year the crop has been tremendous and part of that was definitely down to tomato Focus. From my small(ish) greenhouse in the west of Scotland have picked over 33lb of tomatoes of different varieties and today picked another 22oz; apologies for not being metric. It was very easy to use and economical. The results were the best I have ever achieved for tomatoes and could have been attributed to the good weather as well as Tomato Focus. I was very pleased with the results


    Even my 'bird's of paradise' (Strelitzia) grew better than with ordinary Tomato feed

    Mrs Conroy

    I usually top the boxes up with extra compost half way through the season but didn't get round to it this summer. Despite that I had no problem with Magnesium deficiency as I often do, feeding regularly with Tomato Focus Rain/Soft Water.
    This year has been a wonderful growing experience and Tomato Focus RW/SW has served well to produce an excellent crop of four varieties of tomatoes. I found it all it is said to be, I will certainly use it again

    Mrs Jackson
    Gwynedd, Wales

    All the plants grew well and produced excellent fruit, I was particularly pleased with the aubergines, which until this year have always been disappointing


    Plants were vigorous in growth and produced double the normal crop. Tomato Focus Rain/Soft Water is an excellent product


    I had been thinking about contacting you shortly, because I was picking tomatoes and realising that I have had my best crops ever-from just three plants in a growbag. Yes-we will be using it again, next year!

    West Sussex

    I had excellent crops and I did not have any blossom-end rot on the tomatoes this year - Probably because of the extra calcium in it. Tomato Hard Water is a good product


    We have had exceptional yield and either dehydrated or processed the tomatoes for future use. We had no signs this year of any disease on the plants and all three had strong vigorous growth. I do think that the Tomato Focus Hard Water did have some bearing on the yield as I used it on other crops and had better results than previous years


    I was very pleased with Tomato Focus Hard Water. I had excellent results from using it and the general impression was good. I would definitely buy it again

    Newent, Gloucestershire

    Tomato Focus Hard Water gave a very good crop all summer and sill some now in October, as good as the organic one I usually use


    The plants have been healthy and vigorous with delightful fruit of good taste and appearance. Good levels of tomato production also achieved


    Magnificent crop of tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, and squash which also were fed with Tomato Focus Rain/Soft Water. It is now October and I still have a greenhouse full of tomatoes. Greatly impressed by the quality and quantity of produce.

    Mrs Francis

    I had one of the best, if not the best yield of tomatoes and cucumbers. Tomato Focus Hard Water is a fine product, I will certainly be buying your product next year