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About Us

Growth Technology has been developing innovative horticultural products since it's founding in 1985. The company has a wide range of products but nutrient solutions have always been the core of the business. In recent years there has been an increasing focus on orchids and other specialist plants – creating products for enthusiasts who understand the need for them.

Growth Technology has maintained its position at the forefront of technical development in plant nutrition based on a triple foundation of literature review, of ongoing experimentation, and on the patient observation of plants in all growth stages. We place our focus on plants.


Our background is in the commercial, crop-specific, nutrient formulation. We have produced thousands of commercial formulations for growers all over the world, from Chile to Malaysia. Since 1986, we have also been involved in the formulation of nutrient products for the retail market. We have created a wide range of products for release under our own label and quite a few for other companies.

Every single batch of nutrient that we manufacture is fully analysed and tested for accuracy and consistency by independent third-party laboratories. Each batch is checked and approved before it can leave our factory.


All our nutrient products are fully formulated by highly trained nutrient chemists. There is an extensive background of expertise and years of experience behind every product that is produced here at Growth Technology.

We use the purest, most soluble mineral salts. We don’t use urea in any of our fertilisers. Our fertilisers contain all the essential nutrients for healthy, vigorous growth.


Formulations are calculated with precision and manufactured to the highest standards possible, allowing our customers to produce strong, healthy crops. By using our products, growers and gardeners experience the best results with their plants.

“At Growth Technology we are proud of our heritage, our professional background and our long-standing reputation for quality and innovation. We will continue to produce the highest quality products, always aiming to bring you affordable solutions that really deliver. We offer an integrated range of accurately formulated liquids that are designed to make growing easier and more successful.”

Giles Gunstone

Managing Director

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You can contact us by email at: enquiries@growthtechnology.com

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